PUBG Mobile Lite Hack Mod Apk (Menu, Damage/Wallhack Aim/Fly) 0.27.0

PUBG Mobile Lite Hack Mod Apk (Menu, Damage/Wallhack Aim/Fly) 0.26.0
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PUBG Mobile Lite Hack Mod Apk (Menu, Damage/Wallhack Aim/Fly) 0.26.0

  • Publisher Level Infinite
  • Version 0.26.0
  • Size 727M
  • Category Action
  • MOD Features Menu, Damage/Wallhack/Aim/Fly
  • Support Android 7.0+
  • Get it on Google Play

PUBG MOBILE LITE is an action shooter genre with a lower configuration than the original version. As a gamer or not, everyone must know the legendary PUBG Mobile game. This game seems to be the place to connect people from all over the world. Because the game is designed in various languages, it is an ideal gathering place to reduce stress. However, this series of games requires a reasonably high capacity, and you must own a good phone if gamers want to experience the game system most smoothly and satisfactorily. But maybe not everyone can get good configuration phones. So, PUBG MOBILE LITE was born to solve this problem. With just 1GB of Ram, you can immediately own a similar shooting model.

Suffocating shooting arenas will be available at this playground. If you are looking for intense thrills in survival, show off your undefeated gunfighting skills. Told that this version will be limited in some features. This is also very understandable because it takes less space. But that does not mean that the game loses its inherent nature.


• Esp items
• Esp line
• Esp box
• Esp alert 360°
• Esp enemy count
• Esp vehicle
• Esp skeleton
• Esp name
• Esp health
• Esp everyone feature 😀
• Remove recoil
• Remove spread
• Remove shading
• Remove fog
• Shading color
• Fog color
• UI color
• Walking speed hack
• Prone speed hack
• Jump hack
• Fov V1 / V2 funnyFov
• Remove display activite (For fun)
• Vehicle speed hack
• Vehicle fly
• More 30+ hacks

Download PUBG Mobile Lite Mod Apk

To download the mod apk of the latest version of pubg mobile lite 0.26.0, click on the download now button, then wait for 60 seconds, your pubg mobile lite game mod apk will come to download

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE mod – Gun battle

At the beginning of the game, you will choose your character’s gender, appearance, and name. Soon, a dramatic battlefield unfolds from here on resources. They had to slaughter each other every time they saw any traces of the enemy, a battle for survival was waged. Life and death are always next to each other, so you have to protect yourself. To start the match, each player will have a few minutes to prepare. Then, they will have time to meet and talk through the characters. There are a total of 60 members, less than the original version. But that saves time and less pressure, right? After that, there will be a fighter plane carrying all the passengers. Each person will choose a landing area on the map, with an area of ​​​​4×4. When you select the correct position, start acting and fighting immediately, right?


Loot items and run away

To prepare to join the party for your hunt, of course, it is indispensable for weapons and protective gear. When the character is dropped at the location, you must search and collect the most practical items for yourself. These include armor, helmets, means of transport, first aid bags,… Just in case you need to use it to defend and attack quickly. And the most critical equipment indispensable is the gun. Choose guns with long range, no recoil, and severe damage. Because backpacks are also limited, choose the most carefully to get the high rewards. If the opponent’s gun is more potent than yours, it can instantly knock you out.


Battle arena

Instead of having to fight with strangers in high numbers, the game also installs a unique feature. It’s about joining your friends through exciting clan modes. These include clan, room, and local card modes that you can choose from in separate arenas. In addition, there are also suspenseful and intense 4-on-4 matches built into PUBG MOBILE LITE. This feature is worth trying if you are afraid to communicate with strangers. Instead, turn on the microphone and join your friends to defeat and shoot other gangs on the map. At the same time, you can discuss strategies and remind your teammates of enemy positions comfortably. Finally, turn on the device and fight together in breathtaking arenas everywhere.


Survival battle

This is one of the most intense gun battles in mobile games. The game trains each person with professional and agile gunfighting skills. Also, evaluate flexibility along with professional teamwork in matchmaking matches. What is remarkable here is the endless respawn right installed in the game. That is, you can revive your teammates when they are destroyed. Just run to the respawn point. They will continue to support and accompany you. Matches only last 10 minutes, so try to eliminate all your targets!


Although the map seems to have been limited, there are specific changes. But certainly will not lose the heat and the feeling the game brings when entering. So be careful and alert because enemies will appear and attack you anytime. So what are you waiting for? Download PUBG MOBILE LITE mod now to start the gunfights and take the top 1 position on the leaderboard!


If you are a fan of the PUBG game then you should definitely try the pubg mobile Lite in order to play it on your mobile phone. Download the PUBG mobile Lite Mod apk now from our website and take advantage of all the unlimited UC, battle passes and other features for free. If you have any further queries regarding the app, then feel free to write them in the comment section down below.

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