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VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooting online game with hero characters as the core. Here, players will incarnate tactical heroes with different skills, use different types of weapons and firearms, and work with team partners to win the target victory.

In VALORANT, there is a group of heroes carefully designed for competition. They have unique but easy-to-use skills. In terms of hero design, many heroes with different personalities and extraordinary abilities have been born. 5v5 hero FPS arena. Players can choose their characters freely in each game against a random faction. The characters in the faction cannot be repeated, and some characters need to be unlocked

Valorant Mobile APK

Additional Information

  • Category – Action
  • Updated – 2023-09-13
  • Requires – Android5.0 and up
  • Mobile Testing – Security (online)
  • Current Version – 1.0.4
  • Developer – Editor’s Choice, Riot Games,
  • Get it on – Google Play
  • Report – Reviews

Accurate and smooth shooting operations, intelligent use of skills, and strategic cooperation to show off the audience are the keys to victory – all these victories come from the immediate performance of individuals and teams, without attribute influence, and technical strength determines success or failure. The ultimate experience should belong to every player who loves competition. One of the best tactical shooters I’ve ever played.

Download Valorant Mobile APK

To download the Valorant Mobile APK, click on the Download Now button and wait for 60 seconds. Your Valorant Mobile APK will start downloading.

Introduce about VALORANT Mobile

VALORANT Mobile – FPS game set in a futuristic fantasy world

If the games of the traditional MOBA genre have bored you, try the VALORANT Mobile experience. This is a game that is said to be the perfect combination of CS: GO and Overwatch on mobile platforms. This is a relatively bold move from the publisher Riot Games and the PC version of this game has been really successful when it comes to being loved by players around the world.

VALORANT Mobile appeared in the present time with the aim of helping players enjoy the game on more devices. Basically, everything in the mobile version is kept the same compared to the PC version to make it easy for players to get used to in a short period of time. Currently, this game has not yet set an official release date on the mobile market. So you need to wait a little longer to be able to enjoy it.

The gameplay is relatively easy to understand

Before starting the experience, players will have to choose agents in 4 main roles: Duelist, Controller, Initiator, and Sentinel including many unique characters with their own skill sets. Accordingly, you will control your heroes from a first-person perspective to fight the enemy. In addition to the ability to accurately aim, each hero will have an interesting set of skills that require you to learn carefully and use them at the right time if you want to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

The control system in VALORANT Mobile is integrated relatively easy to understand and similar to most action games on the game market today. Accordingly, you will control your character to move through the built-in virtual steering wheel button on the left of the experience screen. Thereby performing other actions with a series of virtual buttons equipped on the right of the screen quickly.

Many attractive game modes

In addition to the above highlights, VALORANT Mobile also offers many extremely attractive game modes to help players not feel bored. Modes like Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, Deathmatch, and Custom. Unrated and Competitive modes will definitely make you feel excited throughout the process. Note, players need to experience the game long enough to be able to understand the rules in each game mode. Because the gameplay, as well as the operating style, will be completely different. Alternately change modes as soon as you feel bored to find the fun again when playing the game.

System of characters and skins

Up to now, VALORANT Mobile has 18 different agents available with 4 main roles. Each agent in the game will be assigned a certain role in each battle. Of course, players can also make bold choices that don’t follow the usual rules. Moreover, most of the characters in the game own diverse skins and are constantly updated in the next versions. Beautiful skins will make you feel more excited to enjoy. But at the same time, you have to recharge to own your favorite outfits.

The map comes with many featured areas

The diverse map system is also an important highlight to help VALORANT Mobile become more attractive to players. Currently, this game has 6 different maps available for players to choose from with many featured battle areas. The general scene of the battlefields in the game is a secret base with many dangerous biological weapons. After several failed experiments, the research site was turned into an abandoned parking lot. Join the game to learn more.

High-end graphics

Graphics quality is also one of the outstanding highlights of this game. VALORANT Mobile owns a 3D graphics platform along with the depiction of very specific and clear characters that will surely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen during the game. The details in the game are displayed extremely intuitively and vividly, thereby successfully recreating the scene of the fierce battles that the game brings. In addition, the transition effect in the game is also relatively smooth. So you can comfortably enjoy it on low-profile devices.


With the investment as well as equipped with many outstanding advantages, this makes VALORANT Mobile loved by many players around the world. By joining the game, you will discover fiery battlefields along with many highlights that the game brings such as high-quality graphics, the vivid sound that will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied.

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