Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack Config File Download [Latest Update] Free Fire

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The free Fire Headshot config file includes 5 of our best headshot templates, plus the Fire Config tool. It’s the best free headshot config tool on the market. After downloading this file, you can create a config file that automatically generates headshots based on a list of people (i.e. potential customers) in your database. It is free to use and gives you an easy way to generate thousands of new headshots. This means that you can create different config files for different marketing campaigns and even use them for different user types.

Free Fire Config File Headshot: Hello friends, in today’s post we have brought you Free Fire Headshot config file. Using the Free Fire Headshot config file we mentioned is 100% safe, so all you players can use the config file we mentioned to become a pro player in less time.

Today we’ll be sending an auto-headshot config file to players playing Free Fire. By using this headshot hack file players’ headshot rate will increase very fast without much effort and player will be able to eat more chicken in free fire game.

Download Free Fire Headshot Hack Config File

To download the Free Fire Headshot Hack Config File, click on the Download Now button and wait for 60 seconds. Your Free Fire Headshot Hack config file will start downloading.

How to use Garena Free Fire Config?

  • Download the Garena Free Fire configuration file by clicking the download button below (.rar file password:
  • Extract the .rar file from anywhere on your phone or tablet
  • Paste files into Android / Data (if your device is running Android 11 / R and you can’t access Android / Data, use another file explorer that gives you access to Android / Data)
  • Now you can get Garena Free Fire and enjoy the game!

Benefits of Free Fire Config File Headshot

  • Auto headshot rate will increase
  • simple tap headshot shoot
  • easy drag headshot
  • 100% safe
  • 100% Anti Ban System
  • very easy to implement
  • excellent gaming performance
  • Aimbot Rate 85
  • target lock rate 90

What is Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File?

The Headshot Config is an automated config file that provides you with a realistic headshot. It will automatically generate a new headshot every time you log in. This saves you the time and hassle of having to upload your own headshot. The file helps us detect a fake headshot when sending a submission to your account. The free fire auto headshot config file is a one-time activation code that will activate the first level of fire. It can also be used as a referral link.

Features of auto headshot config file

This free fire headshot config file is an auto headshot for the Free Fire game. There are many settings that you can adjust in the configuration file. It can inject and can open the features of free fire games. There are some of its features, such as

Auto Headshot

Auto Headshot is the ability to detect the head of the player and automatically aim your shots at his head. The more accurate your aim, the better chance you have to score points.


Teleport, the ultimate superpower is used by gamers all over the world to teleport back and forth between their game characters.

High Jump

The high jump is a basketball-style jump shot where players shoot the ball through a hoop while jumping.

High Speed Run 

This feature allows players to make a fast run by inputting the characters they want to use to play a video game.

Long Range Kill

With its long-range kill feature, you can take down your targets from afar without ever having to put your gun near them.


Aimbot is a program that detects the direction you’re shooting based on the direction you’re aiming. The aimbot can detect your movements and adjust your weapon based.

Aim Lock

Aim Lock allows you to lock the aim of your weapon at a target before firing. This lets you practice better aim while you are playing a shooter game.

Auto Kill

It makes sure that you get a consistent win streak. If the opponent manages to make a comeback, the auto-kill mechanism will remove the player from the game. 

Auto Headshot

Free Fire Auto Headshot Config is a critical feature in any FPS game. Auto headshot is used when there are no enemies in sight.

Less Recoil

Less recoil means less stress on your hands and fingers when shooting!

High Damage

The higher the damage, the more points the player gains. As the damage increases, the more points they earn.

Fast Kill

Fast Kill is a feature that makes this game easy to play. The game is designed to play fast, allowing players to complete matches quickly.

Long Range Shot

The Long Range Shot (LRS) feature allows you to shoot long-range shots at moving targets, such as aircraft or missiles


So here are some files for Free fire auto aimbot and Auto Headshot and this file works 100% and increase accuracy. Free Fire Best News Auto Headshot File 100% working, Free Fire max – Paid. Hope you liked it and don’t forget to use Aimbot Vip Free Fire Auto Headshot Update File and give us your feedback in the Free Fire Update File comment box Auto Headshot Aimbot.

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